Parma Eldalamberon

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Parma Eldalamberon is an essential publication for the study of Tolkien's linguistic creations. Unfortunately, the server at has some technical DNS problems that has not been addressed for quite some time. Most people can reach it, but not all. It appears to depend on which ISP you have. (Authoritative test results showing the problems can be obtained at here).

We therefore have made this web page containing copies of the "Buy" buttons for some of the issues that are in print. We hope that this will be of help for all unhappy would-be buyers of PE.

PE 12 - Qenya Lexicon - Revised 3rd Printing 2011 - will be Available 5 July 2011
PE 19 - Comparative Tables - Outline of Phonetic Development - Outline of Phonology
PE 21 - Qenya Noun Structure